March 28, 2023

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Desktop Relocation – A Simple Process


Desktop relocation from Pickfords Business Solutions comes with a full decommissions and recommission service: This vital service is typical to all business relocations, from large to small. Construction Management A specialist desktop move-in company will phase out your old equipment and disconnect the old phone line. Your company’s IT staff will disassemble your equipment and pack them into locked trailers to take to your new location.

Many companies who need desktops when moving offices have other devices that must be transported with them, such as printers and modems. In many cases, your IT staff will be able to make these arrangements on your behalf.

Most desktops can still be salvaged from old cabinets after desktop relocations; it is just a matter of repairing any broken hardware, updating BIOS, or adding other protections to prevent data loss. After the main body of the desktop has been moved, all of its peripheral components, especially the monitor, keyboard, and mouse, need to be replaced. Some people will simply replace their monitor, while others will try to find parts no longer manufactured. In any event, you need to get these items from your supplier.

Before undertaking a desktop relocation, it is essential to ensure that you have all of your monitors, keyboard, and mouse in good working order. Your supplier should provide you with a checklist detailing all of the items that need to be removed from your current location. These items include cables, wires, screws, hinges, and so on. Other pieces of your equipment should also be inventoried so that your supplier will know where to obtain them for your relocation. If not, they should at least supply you with phone numbers for local suppliers in your new location.

Be sure to use a high-speed cable that is capable of withstanding high demand. Your internet service provider should also offer this type of cable. Your new location may require installing a router, an essential piece of networking equipment for any enterprise setting. Once the desktop relocation services are complete, all of your peripherals should be functioning as expected.

Other than the monitor arms, the power supply, and the keyboards, the essential piece of equipment for your move is the cable management system. Suppose you fail to properly install and maintain your cable management system during the desktop relocation. In that case, you may find that your entire network goes down, rendering your entire office non-functional. You should always make sure that the cable management devices are installed before the relocation process is started. If any part malfunctions after you have installed them, then you should consider contacting a professional relocation technician right away to repair or replace whatever part needs replacing.

Many companies will offer free consultations to help desk professionals with their desktop moves. You may want to ask about the different options available to you, such as video surveillance, sound recording, video monitoring, or real-time surveillance. These features can all be handy when relocating to a new workstation location. When you consider the cost of a new computer and all the associated devices, including monitors, keyboards, and mice, you may find it better to hire a professional relocation technician to handle the job.

A desktop relocation does not have to be expensive, especially if you are only moving a few files. However, if you need to send an entire company’s staff or employees, the costs can become very high. Luckily, many companies provide mobile services that can make the entire desktop relocation process inexpensive and stress-free. When you need to move your desktop, you can trust that these mobile relocation technicians have the experience and skills to ensure that all your equipment is moved safely.