= OCTOBER 15, 2013 =
tj thomas, owner of DIGITAL HAVEN ENTERTAINMENT here.
i decided this a very long time ago but never posted any form of concrete update, but as of this year (2013),
DIGITAL HAVEN ENTERTAINMENT's original plans as a future game development company are no longer.

as i have been pretty much the only consistently active element of DIGITAL HAVEN, the development of the overall
whole has severely stagnated, and so earlier this year, i made the decision to split off and started doing my own
solo work, alpha six productions; games, music, and whatever else i decide.
this has allowed me to continue to flourish and improve as an artist in general, giving me the ability to cast
aside my previous need for team members and become a stronger individual creator.
this decision has been incredibly beneficial for me for a multitude of reasons.

considering that DIGITAL HAVEN is my website and i've worked very hard on it, i have decided, rather than outright
abandon it, to do something else with it, rather than have a second redundant website while i'm running
alpha six productions.

if you were around in ~2010-2011, you may remember my plans to create three distinct "sections" of DIGITAL HAVEN,
back when it was known as PixelxCore Independent Gaming (PxC url now expired and defunct): PixelxCore (the community),
PixelxSource (open source materials), and PixelxTorials (tutorials ranging from art to code), with the intention of
creating a giant resource of content for developers of all skill levels, but especially focusing on creating stuff for
people who are new or novices in game development.
these plans fell through after i lost most of my techies to inactivity, but after 3 years, i've decided to go through
with these plans myself, and will be using DIGITAL HAVEN as the haven (pun) that will house this project.

as i am "pretty much" on my own with this project right now, it means that i'll be propogating all of the
material myself, whether it be writing tutorials or saving my own source code from various alpha six productions
projects i'm working on. as you can imagine, with my time being mostly taken up by my alpha six productions work and
doing animation for Telepath Tactics in order to support myself financially, this means that work is going to
be pretty slow on this project.

but trust me when i say that i'm very dedicated to making this project happen, and will be doing everything in my power
to make sure that when i finally reveal this project, it's up to snuff and can be useful for everyone, whether you're a
novice or a pro.

be sure to keep your eye out for updates on this project as they happen.
you can follow me on twitter to keep up with everything that i'm doing.
the original DIGITAL HAVEN twitter is still up as well and will be more about DHE-focused updates.
if you need to get in contact with me for whatever reason, send me an e-mail.

thank you to everyone who's supported me and DIGITAL HAVEN over the years.
the new haven will be much better than the previous one ever was.